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A Japanese box lunch, traditionally packed in a partitioned lacquered box and sometimes artfully arranged to resemble familiar characters, animals, or objects.

[Japanese bentō, from late colloquial Middle Chinese pɦjian`taŋ, convenient (also the source of Mandarin biàndāng) : Middle Chinese pɦjian`, convenient (from Old Chinese *bens) + Middle Chinese taŋ, to match, correspond, be capable (from Old Chinese *tâŋ; perhaps akin to Tibetan taṅ, with, together with, and).]


(ˈbɛntəʊ) or

bento box

n, pl -tos
a thin box, made of plastic or lacquered wood, divided into compartments which contain small separate dishes comprising a Japanese meal, esp lunch. Also called: obento
[Japanese bentō box lunch]
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Incoming news from the oil-rich province of Bentou between the north and the south of the country is reported quiet with southern Sudanese People's Army (SPLA) announcing that thus far, no clashes with the northern military were reported by SPLA spokesperson Philippe Oguir.
The restaurant has fixed menus for the lunchtime crowd in a hurry ( and these are priced from Rs 800 for the vegetarian option to Rs 1,500 for the more elaborate bentou box), and it has the more expensive course menus for laidback dinners ( Rs 2,800 to Rs 3,400), but just for your edification, read the a la carte menu with the care it deserves.
According to Herd (Bosami, 2003), choosing Bentou as stylistic inspiration for New York Countryside was a way of expressing his own sense of status as an "outsider" to the urban art world.