A branch of the Niger-Congo language family in the Volta-Congo group. Its eastern division contains the Bantu languages.


(Languages) a branch of the Niger-Congo family of African languages, consisting of the Bantu languages together with certain other languages of W Africa
(Languages) relating or belonging to this group of languages


(ˈbeɪ nweɪˈkɒŋ goʊ)
a language family of central and S Africa, a branch of the Niger-Congo family, that includes the Bantu family and other languages of Nigeria and Cameroon.
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One of the experiments by the Ghanaian El Anatsui, who has spent his remarkably productive career at UNN, is to Blend two other West African indigenous forms with uli; his native aainkara and the nsibidi of speakers of the Benue-Congo languages in Nigeria's southernmost eastern districts.
In the first analysis of postlingual deafness language patterns in any African language, she focuses on Yoruba, a Benue-Congo language of Nigeria, Togo, and Benin.
This paper explores the syntactic and semantic character of previously undescribed sentence complements (SCs) in Emai, a Benue-Congo language of Nigeria's Edoid group.
Schaefer and Egbokhare discuss the West Benue-Congo language Emai.