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(ˈbɛnˈʃiː) ,




(Placename) an industrial city in SE China, in S Liaoning province. Pop: 967 000 (2005 est)



also Penchi

a city in E Liaoning province, in NE China. 792,401.
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These include Wanda Cinema Line, MZC Quanjing Cinema in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, and Xinshidai MZC Cinema in Benxi, Liaoning Province.
The bizarre incident apparently happened last week on Tuesday, when the woman left her car blocking the entrance to a residential community in Benxi city, Liaoning province after she was asked to pay for parking - she of course refused.
Auto Business News-September 29, 2016--Chery Automobile signs strategic framework agreement with Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Company
In addition to the shenyang and dalian, dandong and benxi city is on the first principal component Factor (1) scores also is positive, that is higher than the entire province average level, the Factor of the load Factor l has a good advantage, the rest of the ten cities on the Factor l value is negative, in tourism resource structure, market share, tourism income lagged behind the four cities, especially in fuxin, the Factor scores on the l value is 0.
An RSMX 1222 with a drive power of 2 x 250 kW has been crushing gold ore at a mine near Benxi City in the Chinese province of Liaoling.
Benxi Formation, Taiyuan Formation, Shanxi Formation, Shihezi Formation, and Shiqianfeng Formation, from bottom to top, developed in sequence.
Many national key steel enterprises, including Shoudu Iron and Steel Company, Anshan Steel, Tangshan Steel, Handan Steel, Baotou Steel, Tonghua Steel, Benxi Steel, and Jixi Steel, are located in this region.
Shi Jiaoyang, a Chinese senior teacher from Benxi city, Liaoning, a province to the east of Beijing, came to Dubai with the same purpose: better employment opportunities.
News reports of a press conference held on Friday by Dalian Wanda chief executive Ding Benxi said that the CEO did not disclose how much Dalian Wanda had paid for the stake.
Ren was born Xiao Feng Ren in the city of Benxi in China.
AgriMarine Holdings, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has entered into an agreement with the Ito-Yokado grocery retail chain to supply locally produced fresh chinook salmon from its closed containment freshwater farm in Benxi.