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n.1.(Chem.) A colorless mobile liquid, C6H5.SH, of an offensive odor, and analogous to phenol; - called also phenyl sulphydrate.
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2-{[(Z)-phenyl (pyridine-2-yl) methylidene] amino} benzenethiol (HL) behaves as monobasic tridentate Schiff base (Scheme 1) having [N.sub.2]S donor sites.
V Duyne, "Surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy of benzenethiol adsorbed from the gas phase onto silver film over nanosphere surfaces: determination of the sticking probability and detection limit time," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, vol.
We treated 5-chloro-2-nitroaniline with benzenethiol to obtain a sulfide which was then oxidized to a sulfone with peracetic acid.
To a stirred solution of 4 (1.05 g, 5.1 mmol) and K2CO3 (0.2 g, 5.6 mmol) in DMF (15 mL), a mixture of a 4-chloro benzenethiol (5.1 mmol) was added drop wise.
Polyphenol oxidases can act on a broad range of substrates such as substituted polyphenols, aromatic amines, benzenethiols, and a series of other easily oxidizable compounds.