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 (bā-rär′, bə-)
A region of west-central India. It was one of the early kingdoms of the Deccan.


(Placename) a region of W central India: part of Maharashtra state since 1956; important for cotton growing


(beɪˈrɑr, bæ-)

a former division of the Central Provinces and Berar in central India: now part of Maharashtra state.
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Azita Berar Awad, Director of the ILO Employment Policy Department , highlighted the guiding principles of the Global Initiative and emphasized the need for investments in both demand and supply side interventions, coherence and complementarity between public policies and private investments, and the promotion of human rights, gender equality and youth engagement.
Investing in lifelong learning mechanisms, digital skills, and sectoral strategies that expand decent jobs and address the vulnerabilities of the most disadvantaged should be prioritized in national policies," said Azita Berar Awad, Director of the ILO's Employment Policy Department The report calls for strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships in the framework of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth, the overarching platform under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to scale up action and impact on youth employment.
The need to keep the Nizam of Hyderbad "amenable" as mentioned above, lay primarily in control over the cotton-growing region of Berar.
Likewise, Ibtihal Al-Amoudi and her sister Berar Al-Amoudi of Sparkles fine contemporary accessories, participated for the first time and said: "We witnessed good footfall from families and women, mainly from those looking for modern unique jewelry.
Maharashtra was formed out of three parts - Bombay state (which included Western Maharashtra), Marathwada which was part of the Nizam's Hyderabad stam Provinces and Berar.
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Mucho antes de pro poner algunos principios, relativamente sencillos y cl aros, con base en los cuales impulso una n ueva pedagogia ecologica, Fritjof Capra lle vo a cabo un profundo estudio, analisis y reflexion en torno al problema ecologico y los sistemas vivientes, que lo llevo no solo a consultar y deli berar con los pri ncipales cientificos de todo el mundo durante mediados y finales de los anos ochenta, sino tambien a explorar sobre un posible "nuevo" paradigma en la ensenanza ambiental, producto precisamente de ese ir mas alla en la explicacion de los problemas ecologicos urgentes de enfrentar; pero ademas, acerca de otro camino para asumir individual y colectivamente la responsabilidad social que nos corresponde.
As of now, apart from emerging as Bollywood's biggest hit of all time, PK has also set new records in seven territories -- Mumbai, Delhi/ UP, East Punjab, CP- Berar, CI, Mysore and Bengal.
Aney, a member from Berar, pointed out that by using the legislature to reform Muslim law, the law was being secularised and government courts should therefore be allowed to judge cases; there was thus no need for a special Kazi, as had been proposed (Legislative Assemble Debates 1939: 868).
The report confirms the role of education in shaping labour market outcomes of young people, Azita Berar Awad, Director of the Employment Policy Department of the ILO, explained in a press release.
The report confirms the role of education in shaping labor market outcomes of young people," Azita Berar Awad, director of the employment policy department of the ILO, said in a statement.
Assigned the role of civil surgeon of Akola in the central Indian province of Berar, Porter was able to combine private practice with his official responsibilities for public health and the district jail.