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 (bā-rär′, bə-)
A region of west-central India. It was one of the early kingdoms of the Deccan.


(Placename) a region of W central India: part of Maharashtra state since 1956; important for cotton growing


(beɪˈrɑr, bæ-)

a former division of the Central Provinces and Berar in central India: now part of Maharashtra state.
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Tenders are invited for Urgent Repair To Damaged Sundarban Embankment Facing River Curzon Creek Near Berar Teka At Mouzachoto Banashyamnagar In Between Chainage 31.060 Km To Ch.
According to Box Office India, the comedy riot has scored big in mass markets all over with places like Rajasthan, CP Berar, Bihar and Gujarat.Ee
and Berar High School for Girls was second with 89.17pc marks while Laiba Ather of DMC Girls School was third with 88.70pc marks.
Madiha d/o Zahid Hussain (CP Berar High School) clinched second position with 758/850 (89.17%) followed by Laiba Ather d/o of Ather Ilyas (D.M.S.Girls High School) securing third position with 754/850 (88.70%).
The case of twenty-two year old Motowinie who arrived in Fiji on the Berar on 29 June, 1882 (CSO MP 1423/1885), draws attention to another unsteady categorization of lunacy.
Madiha d/o Zahid Hussain (CP Berar High School) clinched the second position with 758/850 (89.17%) followed by Laiba Ather d/o of Ather Ilyas (D.M.
While returning from Central Province and Berar provincial Hindu Mahasabha session (presided over by Savarkar) in Akola, Maharashtra in 1937 when he was asked why he left Congress Hedgewar's answer was, "because Congress believes in Hindu-Muslim unity".
"Investing in lifelong learning mechanisms, digital skills, and sectoral strategies that expand decent jobs and address the vulnerabilities of the most disadvantaged should be prioritized in national policies," said Azita Berar Awad, Director of the ILO's Employment Policy Department The report calls for strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships in the framework of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth, the overarching platform under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to scale up action and impact on youth employment.
Stage Tec, a Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio mixing consoles and routers, has appointed long-term employee Dirk Berar (left) as head of software and systems development.
The need to keep the Nizam of Hyderbad "amenable" as mentioned above, lay primarily in control over the cotton-growing region of Berar. In the end, to tap these resources and to control the region the Nizam was coerced into the construction of a line to meet British needs, for which the state of Hyderbad needed to pay the five percent guaranteed rate.
Likewise, Ibtihal Al-Amoudi and her sister Berar Al-Amoudi of Sparkles fine contemporary accessories, participated for the first time and said: "We witnessed good footfall from families and women, mainly from those looking for modern unique jewelry.
Maharashtra was formed out of three parts - Bombay state (which included Western Maharashtra), Marathwada which was part of the Nizam's Hyderabad stam Provinces and Berar. At the time of their integration into Maharashtra, the eight districts (now 11) of Vidarbha were by and large upset at the scant attention being paid to them by the rulers of the Mahakaushal region who allocated funds mostly for the development of the Hindi speaking regions of CP&Berar.