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n.1.See Barberry.
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The Woiwurrung man named Berberra (other variant spellings include Berberry, Bearberry, Barberra, Bar-ber-ry, Old Jacky, Mr Bateman, Old Malcolm) (Clark 1990:385), also a Wurundjeriwillam (a subdivision of Wurundjeri-baluk), was Billibellary's brother, and became ngurungaeta (clan head) following Billibellary's death at the Merri Creek in 1846.
For example, Lindley (1831:30) stated that "(t)he spines of the common Berberry are a curious state of leaf, in which the parenchyma is displaced, and the ribs have become indurated.
After retirement, he and his wife kept a large garden known as Berberry Farm.