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Noun1.Berbers - an ethnic minority descended from Berbers and Arabs and living in northern AfricaBerbers - an ethnic minority descended from Berbers and Arabs and living in northern Africa
ethnic minority - a group that has different national or cultural traditions from the majority of the population
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She goes through snow and storms across the great Atlas Mountains dotted with Berber villages; the Berbers, (also known as Tamazight) are the indigenous people of Maghreb region.
Chaker (1989) makes reference to eight different but interrelated Berber groups: Kabyle, Rifain, Chaouia, Tamazight, Touareg, Chleuh, Berbers of the Oasis, and Berbers of the Tell.
The amendments also officially recognise the Amazigh language spoken by Berbers, the original inhabitants of North Africa before the seventh century invasion.
These recent waves of violence have often been depicted as an ethnic conflict between Arabs and Berbers, who make up roughly twenty-five percent -- an estimated 9 million people -- of the Algerian population.
Summary: Clashes between Berbers and Arabs in southern Algerian town of Ghardaia wound 10 people, including two gendarmes.
Berbers are the first occupants of Tunisia and while many have been lured out of villages by modern conveniences and money, some stay to live traditional lives, often without running water or electricity.
In the evenings and particularly at Ramadan, a motley crowd mingles in this huge Square--pompous-looking city folk, aloof mountain Berbers, merchants, red-fezed and white-robed Moghaznis of the town guard, snake-charmers with scorpions crawling on their noses, fancifully-dressed water-sellers who pose for camera-snapping tourists, and effeminate boy dancers from the Chleuh region south of the Atlas, who perform gyrating, erotic dances.
Some of these are Berbers, the indigenous peoples of Algeria who have lived in the region since Antiquity.
The Arab Spring has galvanized the Berbers, North Africa's original inhabitants, to push for their own political and cultural rights, with some success -- they have secured official recognition for their language in Morocco.
The Kabyle is 100 percent Berber, to use the old wordor Amazigh, to use the word Berbers call themselvesand it was a hotbed of the insurgency.
This latest protest followed others during the week after El-Keeb named his cabinet of the transitional government and left Berbers out of any ministerial-level posts.