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a city in S Ukraine, on the Sea of Azov. 129,000.
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Anatoliy Stelmakh said Friday that the village of Kurakhovo, west of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, was hit by fire from Grad rockets and that the village of Berdyansk near the port city of Mariupol was hit by artillery and mortar fire during the night.
Taking Novoazovsk, the militias has so far avoided storming Mariupol, only sending sabotage and reconnaissance forces bypassing the city, blocking the road to Berdyansk, the agency says.
The Berdyansk border guard detachment and the newly created Kherson border guard detachment have joined the Azov-Black Sea Regional Directorate, he said.
We lived together in a small town, called Berdyansk, in Ukraine.
Thursday's move affected the B2 foreign- and local-currency issuer ratings on the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Berdyansk.
Born into poverty in the little Ukrainian town of Berdyansk, she grew up in hardship.
She was born in the Ukranian city of Berdyansk to aUkrainian father and Russian mother.
in 1955 moved to the warm Sea of Azov, and both are teachers of the department of higher mathematics in Berdyansk Pedagogical Institute [3, 4].