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They had afterwards for their captains Bartolomeo da Bergamo, Roberto da San Severino, the count of Pitigliano,[&] and the like, under whom they had to dread loss and not gain, as happened afterwards at Vaila,[$] where in one battle they lost that which in eight hundred years they had acquired with so much trouble.
They said it was two hours, by carriage to the ancient city of Bergamo, and that we would arrive there in good season for the railway train.
We reached the quaint old fortified city of Bergamo, the renowned in history, some three-quarters of an hour before the train was ready to start.
"Sir," he said, with desperate politeness, "it seems to me that you change your costume almost as rapidly as I have seen the Italian mummers do, whom the Cardinal Mazarin brought over from Bergamo and whom he doubtless took you to see during your travels in France."
SOME 2,000 people attended Felice Gimondi's funeral on Tuesday, with many following the ceremony from outside the packed church in the central of his hometown of Paladina near Bergamo.
Born in 1942 into a workingclass family near Bergamo, his father ran a small transport business.
Bergamo, the 33-year-old tailoring authority in bespoke menswear, has had robed too many grooms to count.
British Airways has announced plans to launch a new year-round service from London Gatwick to Milan Bergamo.
Travel Business Review-March 22, 2019--British Airways launches new year-round service from London Gatwick to Milan Bergamo
Reyes (second from right) at the launch of Reyes' debut collection for Bergamo, with friends (from left) Candy Dizon, Dennis Lustico, Jojie Lloren, and Patrick Rosas), October 2018
The World Cheese Awards will visit Italy for the first time, taking place in Bergamo on Friday 18 October 2019, as part of the city's annual FORME cheese festival.