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Noun1.bergamot orange - small tree with pear-shaped fruit whose oil is used in perfumerybergamot orange - small tree with pear-shaped fruit whose oil is used in perfumery; Italy
orange tree, orange - any citrus tree bearing oranges
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So, I was pleasantly surprised to find a rather new liquor from Italy--Italicus Rosilio di Bergamotto is based on a traditional liquor from Italy--the Rosolio (rose petals) mixed with a fragrant array of botanicals including chamomile lemons, lavender, and Melissa balm.
Apparently, this custom-made scent is based on the brand's cult classic Bergamotto di Positano fragrance, which has notes of green tea, orange blossom, ginger and bergamot.
Only one bottle will be made - and hopefully worn by Meghan on her big day - although fans can purchase Bergamotto Di Positano, a fragrance which shares similar base notes.
According to ( Harper's Bazaar , the smell of the perfume is based on the existing Bergamotto di Positano scent, which boasts of wood and spice, bergamot, orange, blossom, and green tea.
Gallo aims to revive the traditional Italian liqueur rosolio by introducing Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto, made with Calabrian bergamot.