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n.1.A rustic dance, so called in ridicule of the people of Bergamo, in Italy, once noted for their clownishness.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He is allowed the privilege of talking directly to the audience, and more importantly, is given the task of closing the play after the conclusion of the Bergomask dance.
The artisans' bergomask was a tango in which all participated, the Duke having paid Bottom and Quince having posed for a picture with Hippolyta.
There is great applause as Peter Quince and Snug the Joiner share the speech inviting either an epilogue or a Bergomask. As the fairies together "bless this place," we discover that the theater has become, once again, an empty space.
(24) That he was a dancer may be inferred from pictures as well as from the dance for which Theseus calls at the end of Midsummer Night's Dream, a "Bergomask" (5.1.361).
There are, indeed, thematic images of concord (and its absence) in personal and civil relations, and in cosmic manifestations.(2) Music also marks Titania's infatuation with Bottom, her reconciliation with Oberon, and signals the end of the action with a Bergomask dance.
The kilt of the school uniform reappeared in the bergomask, which was a River Dance-style Celtic jig.