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The prehistoric region extending from western Siberia across the Bering land bridge into North America.
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Tseng said the new fossils are the "first evidence" that they have in regards to ancient hyenas in Beringia, which once connected Siberia and Alaska via a land bridge.
Fans of Ice Age prehistoric fiction settings ala Jean Auel's 'Earth's Children' series will relish the setting and events in Winds Across Beringia, which is set in the last Ice Age on a narrow channel connecting Alaska with Siberia.
Intercontinental spread of Asian-Origin H5N8 to North America through Beringia by migratory birds.
The native Great Lakes fauna recognized today originated in multiple glacial refugia from the Atlantic Coast to Beringia. Reconstruction of ancient drainage patterns is consistent with observations that each Great Lake has a different native fish fauna.
Nome-based Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) is looking to the future and asking shareholders to establish the Bering Straits Beringia Settlement Trust this fall.
Introduction: The concept of Beringia. In: West, F.H., ed.
Beringia refers to Alaska and the eastern tip of Siberia, and to the land bridge that joined them during the last ice age.
Swayne, "Intercontinental spread of Asian-origin H5N8 to North America through Beringia by migratory birds," Journal of Virology, vol.
Sea otter paleontological remains can be used to place present day predicted climactic perturbations, like flooding of Beringia during the Holocene.