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The prehistoric region extending from western Siberia across the Bering land bridge into North America.
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She agrees that the pattern may represent a subgroup of people who lived along the now-underwater Bering land bridge, in a region known as Beringia, for thousands of years before crossing into the Americas.
Arrows and atl atls: a guide to the archaeology of Beringia.
See Threatened Status for the Beringia and Okhotsk Distinct Population Segments of the Erignathus barbatus nauticus Subspecies of the Bearded Seal, 77 Fed.
In addition, the complex refugial history of Beringia (Hopkins 1967, Kaufman and Manley 2004), coupled with uncertainties in mutation rates (Lovette 2004, Weir and Schluter 2008), make precise correlation of these species' divergence with a particular glacial cycle unlikely.
Her ancestors' origins were in Beringia, an area once above water between Siberia and North America.
They are thought to have entered the Americas sometime after 17,000 years ago from that land mass, called Beringia.
These hypotheses are not mutually exclusive, and POWV or closely related TBE serogroup viruses may be endemic to Beringia, the region surrounding the Bering Strait that connects Asia and North America.
subsidiary Beringia Central LLC is acquiring the properties from Library Square Associates, LLC, a subsidiary of MPG Office Trust Inc.
Through its Ocean Giants Program and Arctic Beringia Program -- a transboundary initiative that works closely with scientists, government agencies, indigenous groups and others from North America and the Russian Federation, -- WCS is working to strengthen Arctic research and governance efforts, while evaluating the potential impacts of disappearing sea ice and increased anthropogenic activities, such as shipping, on whales, walrus, and other marine wildlife, as well as the indigenous communities that have lived in the region for millennia.
The concept of the green wall is really being tested here, with a wide variety of flowering plants growing in vertical gardens - beringia, aquilegia, hardy geraniums, hemerocallis, mints and nepetas, euphorbias and hardy begonias.
Then, around 15,000 years ago, up in the far northwestern corner of North America, small bands of humans dressed in the furs of their prey slowly make their way across Beringia and into Alaska before the rising seas drown the ice age land bridge behind them.