Berkeleianism, Berkeleyanism

the system of philosophical idealism developed by George Berkeley (1685?-1753), especially his tenet that the physical world does not have an independent reality but exists as a perception of the divine mind and the flnite mind of man. Also Berkeleyism.Berkeleian, Berkeleyan, n., adj.
See also: Perception
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The review claimed that the critical philosophy was a higher form of Berkeleyanism. Kant, who was deeply offended, believed his position was misunderstood.
Rather than suggesting a form of Berkeleyanism, we can see Kant's attack on the 'reality' of space and time as an attack on the framework that understands space and time as 'containers' within which the material world exists, and, in an analogous way, understands the mind as a container within which 'representations' exist.

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