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Noun1.Berlage - Dutch architect and town planner (1856-1934)
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Gohn is partner emeritus with Gohn Hankey & Berlage LLP.
Zito LLC is represented by Peter Corcoran of Corcoran IP Law PLLC and Jan Berlage of Gohn Hankey Stichel & Berlage LLP.
It is important for investors in renewable energy projects to secure long-term, stable revenues, and our structure does just that, said Karsten Berlage, managing director of ART.
He has taught theory courses and graduation projects at the Public Building (TU Delft), ExploreLab (TU Delft) and Second-year Graduation Studio at the Berlage Institute.
Karsten Berlage is the global head of weather risk management at Allianz Risk Transfer.
will not suffice for [constructing] the town developed on modern lines', it was 'highly important above all for cultural reasons and reasons of social psychology, to base modern solutions on the traditional ones wherever possible' (Karsten cited in Berlage 1931:100).
Esa era igualmente la idea que dominaba los escritos 'moralizantes' de Berlage de comienzos de siglo, cuando procuraba impulsar la renovacion arquitectonica en Holanda; Como se percibe en su celebre opusculo 'Arquitectura y Sociedad', que encabezo significativamente con una frase de Schoenmaekers muy reveladora ("Nuestra religion es una religion de este mundo"), Berlage proclamaba el final de la civilizacion cristiana, y planteaba la necesidad de alumbrar una nueva era, para la que se necesitaba un nuevo templo:
In the past, public companies excused themselves for not meeting revenue goals due to weather events--for example, a sports retailer couldn't sell as many skis because of a warm winter, or people wouldn't come to the mall or flights were cancelled because of a storm," Karsten Berlage, global head of weather risk management at Allianz Risk Transfer, tells PC360.
More high-tech wizardry brings to life the new 3D Van Gogh: My Dream exhibition running at the Beurs van Berlage until May 19 while the famous Van Gogh Museum is closed for renovation.