West Berlin

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West Berlin

See Berlin.

West Berliner n.

West Berlin

(Placename) (formerly) the part of Berlin under US, British, and French control



1. Irving, 1888–1989, U.S. songwriter.
2. Isaiah, 1909–97, British philosopher and scholar, born in Russia.
3. the capital of Germany, in the NE part: constitutes a state. 3,472,009; 341 sq. mi. (883 sq. km). Formerly (1948–90) divided into a western zone (West Berlin), a part of West Germany; and an eastern zone (East Berlin), the capital of East Germany.
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Noun1.West Berlin - the part of Berlin under United States and British and French control until 1989
Berlin, German capital - capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
West Berliner - an inhabitant of West Berlin