Berlin airlift

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Noun1.Berlin airlift - airlift in 1948 that supplied food and fuel to citizens of west Berlin when the Russians closed off land access to Berlin
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1948: The Berlin Airlift began when the USSR blockaded Berlin, requiring the Allies to fly in food and other essential supplies.
Also affectionally called a Gooney bird, and the Dakota by the British, the C--47 proved to be a durable and amazing versatile aircraft, seeing service in World War II, the Berlin Airlift, Korea, Vietnam, and the Antarctic.
"I grew up fatherless, like a lot of (German) children at that time, so knowing that someone outside of Berlin was thinking of me gave me hope." "Candy bomber" Halvorsen insists that the real heroes of the Berlin Airlift -- the mammoth logistical operation to air-drop supplies into West Berlin after the Soviet Union blockaded it -- were inside the city.
Department of State, Milestones 1945-1958: Berlin Airlift, 1948-1949.
Don't forget that a lot of these 27 countries who are telling us what we can or can't do, fought on the side of Germany in the war, and look what we did for Germany in the Berlin airlift when they were starving after the war.
By the end of the Berlin Airlift in September 1949, American pilots had dropped 250,000 parachutes and 23 tons of candy.
Andrei Cherny is the author of The Candy Bombers: The Untold Story of the Berlin Airlift and America's Finest Hour.
Friday, June 22, attendees will virtually experience the Berlin airlift of 1948/49.
History buffs will recollect (and the other can read about) the incredible technological ingenuity required some 68 years ago to execute the Berlin Airlift (1948-49) in the midst of the Berlin Blockade at the height of the Cold War. Picture people living in war-ravaged West Berlin who were airdropped about 8,893 tons of necessities - such as fuel and food - in 1948 by Western Allies who painstakingly flew over 200,000 flights in one year.
In 1948, during the Berlin Airlift, he was recalled to active duty, and was asked to serve as Chief of the Liaison and Special Projects Office for the Combined Airlift Task Force at Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany.