Berlin green

a complex cyanide of iron, used as a green dye, and similar to Prussian blue.
- Ure.
(Chem.) See under Berlin.

See also: Berlin, Green

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Speaking at the Berlin Green Investment Summit at the offices of the Tagesspiegel, leading impact investor Jochen Wermuth, founder and CIO of Wermuth Asset Management, said that market forces will dictate the path of climate change, following the strong growth and resulting competitiveness of renewable energy and electric vehicles.
The Berlin Green Foundation is to redesign the open spaces of the Cultural Forum for the Land of Berlin.
For the past five years, Kyrgyzstan has been a permanent participant of the Berlin Green Week presenting the best national food products, medicinal herbs, organic and bio-products, cognac products and national drinks," Uzagalieva said.
The flagship property is the Berlin green element project in Colombia.
For some reason the East Berlin green crossing man was happy and theWest Berlin man sad.
Fechheimer's book ended up becoming the source from which he would draw repeatedly, most of all the elongated statues of Akhenaten and the Berlin Green Head (400-300 BC).
As one of the Bavarian right wing's shock troops, CSU MEP Gabriele Stauner could not find a better target than her fellow German political opponent, Berlin Green Party member and Commissioner for the Budget and Combatting Fraud, Michaele Schreyer, in order to attack the Commission's supposed weakness when it comes to settling the outstanding fraud cases, including the old Flechard butter refund fraud case which some politicians hoped would sully the image of French Socialist Pascal Lamy, from the time when he was Head of Jacques Delors's Cabinet before becoming Commissioner for Foreign Trade.

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