Berlin work

worsted embroidery.

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What you seem to be focused on with regard to the history of Berlin work is the way the grid system of the canvas allows for the "exact reproduction" of a picture, the pattern being understood as a "de facto program of work," that automates the embroiderer's creative decision-making.
9) Regardless, what seems to be important for you in the commissioning of Millet Matrix is the potential for a programmed Berlin work project to resemble the idea of a human computer as much as possible, across time and space.
This makes it harder to appreciate the contradictory sociological implications of the fact that middle-class women, in this context, championed Berlin work as a miracle of industrial innovation, as can be noticed in the 1794 painting by Henry Singleton, which depicts Mary Linwood, the needlepainter, in the company of Mrs.
Unlike Crary, I would not say that pictorial Berlin work can be readily associated with the collapse of the classical model of vision.
The point Rosika makes is that mechanical paintings involve the camera obscura model of vision and subjectivity at the same time as they incorporate the kind of division of labour that we find in Berlin work, producing unique multiples and displacing the creative skill of the maker.
Throughout his long life, which he recorded in his voluminous diaries, Isherwood continued to expound on many of the themes found in his Berlin work, including sexual exploration and spiritual seeking.
By then, he had already written his very ahistorical Greater Logic (1812) and his equally timeless Encyclopedia of Philosophical Sciences (1817), in which historical considerations are confined to several paragraphs in the Objective Spirit section, roughly the same discreet place they occupy in his other Berlin work, the Philosophy of Right (1820).
As Berlin works to keep Turkey on side, it is also providing arms to Iraqi Kurdish security forces in the fight against Islamic State militants in their country.
Visit Berlin works closely with the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) to represent Berlin optimally in global markets.
Berlin works out slightly cheaper--30,000 [pounds sterling] ($50,000)," says the Works head of marketing Rebecca Keary.
BMW Motorcycles has hit its ninth successive year of record sales with 90,478 motorcycle coming out of the Berlin works.
First, it seems unwise to ignore clear indications of Hegel's own philosophical development, in the roughly 20 years separating his Jena essays from the late Berlin works, by using the early Phenomenology of Spirit as a gloss on the later logical and religious texts.