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 (bûr′lə-nər), Emile 1851-1929.
German-born American inventor of the gramophone, the first phonograph to use disks rather than cylinders as a recording surface (1888).


1. (Placename) a native or inhabitant of Berlin
2. (Journalism & Publishing) a newspaper having a format between that of a broadsheet and a tabloid, approximately 18.5 inches by 12.4 inches (47 x 31.5 centimetres)
[C20: (for sense 2) this format was first adopted by Berlin newspapers]


(bɜrˈlɪn ər)

a resident of Berlin, Germany.
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Noun1.Berliner - an inhabitant of Berlin
Berlin, German capital - capital of Germany located in eastern Germany
German - a person of German nationality
West Berliner - an inhabitant of West Berlin


[bɜːˈlɪnəʳ] Nberlinés/esa m/f


[bɜːˈlɪnəʳ] nberlinese m/f
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The first notable improvement upon Bell's invention was the making of the transmitter, in 1877, by Emile Berliner. This, too, was a romance.
Bell unquestionably suggested it in his famous patent, when he wrote of "increasing and diminishing the resistance." Berliner was the first actually to construct one.
"Ja wo-o-ohl!" cried I again with all my might with a longdrawn rolling of the " ohl " sound after the fashion of the Berliners (who constantly use the phrase "Ja wohl!" in conversation, and more or less prolong the syllable "ohl" according as they desire to express different shades of meaning or of mood).
"You must know that when I was in Berlin I frequently used to hear the Berliners repeat, and repellently prolong, a certain phrase--namely, 'Ja wohl!'; and, happening to meet this couple in the carriage-drive, I found, for some reason or another, that this phrase suddenly recurred to my memory, and exercised a rousing effect upon my spirits.
David Berliner of Arizona State University, a past president of the American Educational Research Association.
ENPNewswire-August 26, 2019--Deutsche Bank and Berliner Philharmoniker extend partnership
Uri Berliner, a senior business editor at National Public Radio, recently revealed the story of how his father escaped the Nazis when his parents put him on a Kindertransport train to Sweden.
On July 4, 2016, two armed assailants robbed and shot Mohamed Diaby, appellant, on the premises of Berliner Specialty Distributors, Inc.
Members of the German orchestra Berliner Philharmoniker said Sunday in Taipei that they were very much looking forward to playing at the new Weiwuying Concert Hall in Kaohsiung.
If we don't ask they probably won't," said Lucy Berliner, director of the Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress, who discussed the epidemiology of sexual trauma in adolescents at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
It is part of an art project of the cultural event Berliner Festspiele.After the celebration to mark German unity on October 3, the Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince's Palace) on Unter den Linden and adjacent buildings are to be surrounded by a replica of the Berlin Wall.
Paphos will have the great honour of hosting the internationally acclaimed Berliner Philharmoniker in a unique concert on Monday at noon at the Castle square, marking one of the most special moments of Pafos2017.

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