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(ˌbɜr nəˈdɛt)

Saint, (Marie Bernarde Soubirous), 1844–79, French nun. Also called Bernadette′ of Lourdes′.
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Rowan never got to meet her aunt but she talks about her all the time and I see a lot of Bernadette in her.
Bernadette Parks, 51, from Coulby Newham, was at the end of her tether with her daughter Sophie's behavioural problems when she first visited her GP more than four years ago.
THIS couple turned their garden into a wedding venue after they were forced to cancel their nuptials John Phelan and Bernadette Doherty were to marry on Friday but the ceremony at the Naas registry office in Co Kildare fell victim to the weather.
The beautiful Lady of Lourdes, Bernadette Soubirous, the hallowed cave on a huge cliff of Massabielle at the foothills of Pyrenees mountain range, which separate France and Spain-these will forever be associated with the celebrated appearances of the Blessed Mother in 1858.
When we woke up, we just saw Tutoy lying on the ground with gunshots in the body and head, blood pouring from him,' Bernadette recalled.
Amy suggests that they give the last piece to Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) since she's pregnant, but Sheldon awkwardly asks who really is pregnant.
Weighing just 1lb 9oz when she came into the world four months early, Bernadette Holt was given little chance of survival by doctors.
Three weeks on, Gail went into labour and Bernadette came into the world - only a week after the cut-off time where the baby is not automatically given medical help because it is classed as a miscarriage.
Broadway star Bernadette Peters will play her first Scottish date this week after going to the dogs with Alan Cumming.
Bernadette Lloyd and husband Stephen set sail to the Caribbean to celebrate their retirement.
Peter Fox, 26, is alleged to have killed Bernadette Fox, 57, and her daughter Sarah Fox, 27, in April last year.