béarnaise sauce

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béar·naise sauce

 (bâr-nāz′, bā′är-, -ər-)
A sauce of butter and egg yolks that is flavored with vinegar, wine, shallots, tarragon, and chervil.

[French béarnaise, feminine of béarnais, of Béarn.]
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It arrived looking very splendid indeed, flanked with skinny chips, pickled samphire and Bernaise sauce. The chef, however, felt that its left leg was too puny to pass muster.
But it sounded too good to resist, with its sugar-salted vine tomatoes, flat mushroom and skin-on fries and bernaise sauce.
Steaks at The Capital Grille, one of the Darden restaurant company's upscale chains, at the new University Town Center, are dry-aged and hand-carved, and there's an excellent range of them, from a gorgeous porterhouse or 22-ounce bone-in rib eye to a filet mignon, served plain or topped with lump crab and Bernaise sauce, or a bone-in Kona coffee-crusted sirloin with shallot butter or even a Wagyu burger (at lunch) with shallot mayonnaise.
For mains, the pan fried salmon with flageolet beans was yet another display of exemplary restraint from the chefs to result in a beautiful dish of simple, delicate flavours, while the USDA prime ribeye - steaks are a specialty here, with a separate grill section on the menu - was a fine cut, grilled to perfection, and perfectly paired with a bernaise sauce. For dessert, it was an argument between the classic sticky toffee pudding, and my iced lemon mousse with raspberry sauce - a lovely balance of sweet and tart that had all the joys of ice cream, with the delicate texture of mousse - over which one was better; I think the lemon mousse is the perfect summer dessert.
Now you haven't got to have a Michelin star to appreciate that blue cheese dressing clashes with bernaise sauce.
The food in the Edwardian Grill was top drawer, from the whole roast lobster with Bernaise sauce to the beautifully prepared loin of lamb in a black olive jus with baby artichoke.
It was the matured Northumbrian beef which I fell for though, choosing the 8oz rump steak with bernaise sauce (pounds 17.50).
That is about $20 a serving for salmon, topped with crab, asparagus and Bernaise sauce in puff pastry.
My friend Michael went for the 12oz sirloin steak which also came with roasted vegetables and a choice of pepper or bernaise sauce. A side order of sweet chilli potatoes (that arrived without the advertised
However, the bernaise sauce on Riki's salmon steak (pounds 9.95) was too heavy - although the fish was fab.
My steak arrived medium rare as requested,and was tender to the knife and tasty, with the classic bernaise sauce serv ed in a little white dish on the plate.
"Fillet mignon with Bernaise sauce, French fries and mayonnaise.