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Noun1.George Bernard Shaw - British playwright (born in Ireland)George Bernard Shaw - British playwright (born in Ireland); founder of the Fabian Society (1856-1950)
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The George Bernard Shaw was welcomed into Bootle yesterday by sailors from HMS Eaglet, home to the Royal Navy in the North West.
A Oscar Wilde B DH Lawrence C Tom Stoppard D George Bernard Shaw 4.
This work strives to re-introduce Irish writer George Bernard Shaw as a contemporary figure of the 20th century, noting that, like Bob Dylan, Shaw won both the Nobel Prize for literature and an Academy Award (for his screenplay adaptation of his stage play Pygmalion).
GEORGE Bernard Shaw might have been a literary great but he wasn't so hot it came to his political judgment.
Selected Correspondence of Bernard Shaw: Bernard Shaw and William Archer.
George Bernard Shaw 1926 George Bernard Shaw refused to accept the Nobel Prize money of PS7,000 awarded to him a year earlier.
The second is The Dark Lady of the Sonnets, a comedy by George Bernard Shaw, which tells the story of a meeting between Shakespeare and a mysterious woman.
AS I witness society becoming more and more unequal and unfair I recall some of the aphorisms of George Bernard Shaw, the author, my grandfather's friend and fellow Fabian.
Back in 1946, the advertising pages of Variety boldly heralded the film adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's acclaimed hit play, "Caesar and Cleopatra." It was the biggest budgeted film production in the history of the U.K.
Of the poor, she said: "If they have no bread, let them eat cake." 1950: Irish writer George Bernard Shaw died, aged 94.
Muscat: Theatre lovers in Muscat are in for a treat when Naseeruddin Shah, one of the finest actors of Indian cinema and theatre, will play the role of George Bernard Shaw, the great English playwright, in the play Dear Liar.
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