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 (bûrn′härt′, bĕr-när′), Sarah Originally Henriette Rosine Bernard. 1844-1923.
French actress. Considered the premier romantic and tragic actress of her day, she first achieved fame for her performance in Phèdre (1874).


(ˈbɜːnhɑːt; French bɛrnar)
(Biography) Sarah. original name Rosine Bernard. 1844–1923, French actress, regarded as one of the greatest tragic actresses of all time


(ˈbɜrn hɑrt)

Sarah (Rosine Bernard), 1845–1923, French actress.
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Noun1.Bernhardt - French actress (1844-1923)Bernhardt - French actress (1844-1923)    
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The costume was built closely with the work itself, and brings into the imagination the many different characters from Medea to Phaedra, from Ophelia to Cleopatra, that Sarah Bernhardt depicted through her incredible career.
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O objetivo deste trabalho e interpretar algumas representacoes e experiencias que marcaram as visitas de Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923), uma das mais importantes celebridades mundiais da epoca, ao Rio de Janeiro.
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