Bernoulli effect

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Bernoulli effect

The phenomenon of internal pressure reduction with increased stream velocity in a fluid.

[After Daniel Bernoulli.]

Bernoul′li effect`

the decrease in pressure as the velocity of a fluid increases.
[after Jakob Bernoulli]
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Taylor opens with a short history of soccer, then explains how scientific principles, such as friction, drag, and the Bernoulli effect, impact the game.
It actually came from one of Machflow's co-founders, Art Williams, a retired physicist who came to me in 2005 with this concept of using a principle of physics called the Bernoulli effect (force a gas through a narrow pipe or channel and the pressure will go down as well as the temperature) to create a cooling system, because someone here at Clark told him I might be able to test and evaluate that idea.
Jet-engine technology (an example used throughout the book) harnesses, among other things, Newton's Third Law and the Bernoulli Effect.
Considering the theory of the current tube and the Bernoulli effect, we can appreciate that the 3D spectrum of the flow generated around and in the exterior of a classic hull stern having practiced cross corrugated sections can be substantially improved by architectural optimization in terms of unification (equalization) of the axle velocities in the anterior plan of the closest proximity of the propeller.