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Noun1.Bertolt Brecht - German dramatist and poet who developed a style of epic theater (1898-1956)
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En de telles AaAaAeA@vocations d'un irascible Berthold Brecht dans ses piAaAaAe de thAaAaAeA@AaAaAeActre et tout le long de ses nombreux poAaAaAeA?
I was doing some Jacques Brel and Berthold Brecht songs at the Edinburgh Fringe when I started with White.
De Berthold Brecht a Koltes, en passant par les grands classiques tels Moliere et Shakespeare, ainsi que les auteurs maghrebins, le barde Abderrahmane El-Majdoub, Allalou a Kaki, la [beaucoup moins que] Commedia Dell'arte [beaucoup plus grand que] ou en adaptant des textes de Gogol, Goldoni, Aziz Nesin et autres ecrivains, Alloula a puise dans le patrimoine local, maghrebin et universel, son but etant de parachever un nouveau theatre algerien a valeur universelle.
Both, though, in the manner of Berthold Brecht, want more from the theatre.
Playwright Berthold Brecht raises this haunting issue in 1939's Mother Courage and Her Children: What if instead of one cold and starving beggar, there were a hundred?
Hughes lectured extensively on Cypriot contemporary art, on Berthold Brecht, William Hogarth, German expressionism and other subjects both in Nicosia and Athens, while his work has been on display in solo and group shows from China to Australia.
Berthold Brecht decia que "el arte no es un espejo para reflejar el mundo, sino un martillo para darle forma", frase que bien puede recordarse para definir con precision la busqueda que realiza la Compania Inofensiva, cuyo lenguaje irreverente a la vez que elegante pretende generar una reflexion activa.
Inter alia, Vogt discusses texts by Anna Seghers, Berthold Brecht, Heinrich Boll, Gunther Eich, Hans Werner Richter, Bernhard Vesper, Uwe Timm, Peter Weiss, and Christa Wolf, but he also seeks to throw light on the political, social, and literary context of this period more generally.