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Noun1.Bertholletia - brazil nutBertholletia - brazil nut        
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Lecythidaceae, Lecythidaceae - large tropical trees bearing large fruits with woody skins
Bertholletia excelsa, brazil nut, brazil-nut tree - tall South American tree bearing brazil nuts
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Which nut comes from the South American tree Bertholletia excelsa?
Embora apresente longevidade na sucessao ecologica e nao seja especie pioneira tipica, Bertholletia excelsa e considerada climax exigente de luz, uma vez que sua regeneracao natural e crescimento inicial na floresta sao dependentes de moderados niveis de irradiancia, tais como os observados em clareiras, normalmente, cercadas por dosseis com alturas variadas (SWAINE; WHITMORE, 1988; MORI; PRANCE, 1990; MYERS et al.
In contrast to what was noted, studies have emphasized that in periods of high food availability (as was observed in the second year of this study), the biggest trend is resource hoarding in opposition to scarcity periods (as noted in the first research year), where agouti seed predation is higher, for example, for Carapa procera (Forget, 1996) and Bertholletia excelsa (Tuck Haugaasen et al.
The Brazilian nut is an edible seed produced by the colossal tree, Bertholletia excelsa (Humb.
He called it Bertholletia excelsa, employing the Latin word for "tall.
Important genera of hoarder-dispersed propagules include Juglans and Carya (Juglandaceae), Fagus, Quercus, Lithocarpus, Castanea, and Castanopsis (Fagaceae), Aesculus (Hippocastanaceae), certain Prunus (Rosaceae), Corylus (Betulaceae), certain Pinus (Pinaceae), Bertholletia (Lecythidaceae), Carapa (Meliaceae), and Astrocaryum (Arecaceae) (Vander Wall, 1990, 2001; Forget, 1997; Peres & Baider, 1997; Steele et al.
Igualmente esta especie se alimenta de las vainas y semillas, y en algunas ocasiones en ramas secas, de una amplia variedad de hospedantes entre los cuales los mas importantes son: el algarrobo Hymenaea courbaril (Caesalpinaceae), tamarindo Tamarindus indica (Caesalpinaceae), clavellino Caesalpina pulcherrima (Caesalpinaceae), nuez moscada Myristica fragrans (Myristicaceae), nuez del brasil Bertholletia excelsa (Lecythidaceae), yarumo Cecropia sp.
Study of selenium distribution in the protein fractions of the Brazil nut, Bertholletia excelsa.
En Venezuela se encuentra representada por nueve generos: Allantoma, Asteranthos, Bertholletia, Cariniana, Couratari, Couroupita, Eschweilera, Gustavia y Lecythis; todos pertenecientes a la subfamilia Lecythioideae, excepto Asteranthos, representado solo por la especie A.
Bertholletia Castanha-do- Sementes consumidas ao natural ou excelsa para, em sobremesas.
Their scientific name is Bertholletia excelsa - after the 18th century French chemist Claude-Louis Berthollet.