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 (bûr′tl-ŏn′, bĕr-tē-yôN′), Alphonse 1853-1914.
French criminologist who devised the Bertillon system (1880).
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Noun1.Bertillon - French criminologist (1853-1914)
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"To the man of precisely scientific mind the work of Monsieur Bertillon must always appeal strongly."
It was such things, however, which helped to identify to Tarzan and to Taug the appearance of the abductor, and with his individual scent characteristic already indelibly impressed upon their memories, they were in a far better position to know him when they came upon him, even should he have disposed of Teeka before, than is a modern sleuth with his photographs and Bertillon measurements, equipped to recognize a fugitive from civilized justice.
His conversation, I remember, was about the Bertillon system of measurements, and he expressed his enthusiastic admiration of the French savant.
From the work of the French photographer Bertillon, the student noticed how the French photographs began first with the street, then the front of the house, and inside, through hallways and passageways if necessary, to the crime scene itself.
Locard, Bertillon, Lombroso, Vidocq, Gross, and others, he also paid
When you don't know any of the terms, it can feel like being whizzed back in time to secondary school and struggling to get to grips with the whereabouts of the members of the Bertillon family "dans la cuisine" or "dans la jardine".
Alphonse Bertillon was born on April 24th in 1853 and worked as a French police officer, using the techniques of anthropometry in solving cases by identifying criminals through physical measurements.
(28) Powderly instituted the Bertillon system of identification (an anthropometric system of physical measurements of the body, especially the head and face, to produce a detailed description of an individual), thus requiring all arriving Chinese immigrants to undergo a thorough physical examination while completely naked.
That century's historical subject is widely acknowledged and named at the start, through the very title of the Lumiere's film: Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory is, in a sense, the history of industrialization and exploitation as told from a postindustrial moment, with an emphasis on the human body as dissected by science and as spectacularized by entertainment from the biometrics of Alphonse Bertillon through the poetic documentaries of the Black Audio Film Collective and the Objets de greve (Strike Objects), 1999-2000, of Jean-Luc Moulene.
Clasificacion de las enfermedades mentales: de Bertillon a la CIE-10, un siglo de colaboracion internacional.