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 (bər-zē′lē-əs, bĕr-sā′lē-o͝os′), Baron Jöns Jakob 1779-1848.
Swedish chemist who published a table of atomic weights (1828); contributed to electrochemical theory; discovered cerium (1803), selenium (1817), and thorium (1828); and isolated silicon (1823).


(bəˈziːlɪəs; Swedish bærˈseːliʊs)
(Biography) Baron Jöns Jakob (ˈjœns ˈjɑːkɔp). 1779–1848, Swedish chemist, who invented the present system of chemical symbols and formulas, discovered several elements, and determined the atomic and molecular weight of many substances


(bərˈzi li əs)

Jöns Jakob, Baron, 1779–1848, Swedish chemist.
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Noun1.Berzelius - Swedish chemist who discovered three new elements and determined the atomic weights of many others (1779-1848)
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The layer is of extreme thinness; and on analysis by Berzelius it was found to consist of the oxides of manganese and iron.
99) HHHH H PUBLIC prosecutor Jana Berzelius is back, helping to uncover a drug trafficking ring involving high-ranking members of society.
If there is an author I like, besides yourself, it's Berzelius Windrip and his "Zero Hour.
The main character of the novel, the editor with liberal inclinations and bourgeois intellectual Doremus Jessup from the little town of Fort Beulah, Vermont, observes terrified during the presidential elections of 1936 that many of the people he knows support the candidacy of a fascist, the senator Berzelius Windrip, who is a "super-Babbitt," or a Gantry of politics (Grebstein 1962: 139, 141).
Water absorption rate: The water absorption rate of bedding materials was measured in a Berzelius beaker (500 mL) using a filter paper (No.
Contract notice for Renovation Of The Facades Of The Building Berzelius Cnrs
The experiments were carried out in a Berzelius glass with 50 mL of 20 ppm MB solution and a catalyst content of 0.
Purchase a few dozen Berzelius beakers (these are the beakers without a pouring spout), watch glasses to cover them, some spotting capillary tubes, and a variety of TLC plates, both silica gel and bonded reversed phase.
In 1847 Jons Jacob Berzelius produced the first condensation polymer polyester from glycerin .
This metal was detected in 1828 by the Norwegian mineralogist Esmark and the Swedish chemist Berzelius recognized and named it after Thor, the thunder Norse god (Berzelius, 1829).
Vasos de Berzelius y 600 ml y 200 ml vasos de Borde Esmerilado 5.
Berzelius, who named it after Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.