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 (bər-sûr′kər, -zûr′-)
One of a band of ancient Norse warriors legendary for their savagery and reckless frenzy in battle.

[Old Norse berserkr : perhaps ber-, bear (akin to björn, bear, and bera, she-bear, from the bear-skins perhaps worn by the warriors ; see bher- in Indo-European roots) or berr, bare (from the fact that ancient European warriors often fought nude ; see bhoso- in Indo-European roots) + serkr, shirt.]
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Noun1.berserker - one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury
Norse, Northman, Scandinavian - an inhabitant of Scandinavia
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By now the word's probably out on Figgy's shenanigans, but as of this writing, the whole team seems to be in berzerker mode.
Obituary performs with Krisiun, the Berzerker and Warbringer at 7:30 p.
Cue a claw-induced body count and bags of berzerker rage.
There's nothing like a story with a happy ending, so it's with a big smile on my face that I bring you glad tidings from the hearth of the Berzerker.