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n. Mythology
The Egyptian god of music and revelry and the guardian deity of women in labor, often depicted as a dwarf.

[Egyptian bs.]


(Non-European Myth & Legend) an ancient Egyptian god represented as a grotesque hairy dwarf: the patron of music and pleasure


(beɪs, beɪt, bɛt)

also bet

the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
[1905–10; < Hebrew bēth literally, house; see beta]
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I received a copy of a limited-numbered edition of Peter Besas' latest book, "Inside 'Variety': The Story of the Bible of Show Business." It is copy No.
Besas is keen to point out that this is an "unauthorized" profile, presumably due to Variety's new owner: Reed-Elsevier (the same corporation that owns MIP-TV and MIPCOM as well as trade publication Broadcasting & Cable, among other TV trade magazines).
I remember meeting Besas regularly at the MIFED film market in Milan, Italy, together with legendary Variety writers Elizabeth Guider, Bob Hawkins, Fred Hift, Roger Watkins and Hank Werba (the late Hift later worked at Video Age).