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A region of Moldova and western Ukraine. As the gateway from Russia into the Danube River valley, it was for centuries an invasion route from Asia to Europe. The region became part of Russia in 1812 but declared itself independent in 1918 and later voted for union with Romania, which was forced to cede it to the USSR in 1940.

Bes′sa·ra′bi·an adj. & n.


(Placename) a region in E Europe, mostly in Moldova and Ukraine: long disputed by the Turks and Russians; a province of Romania from 1918 until 1940. Area: about 44 300 sq km (17 100 sq miles)


(ˌbɛs əˈreɪ bi ə)

a region in Moldavia, on the W shore of the Black Sea: formerly part of Romania.
Bes`sa•ra′bi•an, adj., n.
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Due to a lack of great power support, Romania lost southern Bessarabia to Russia and received Dobrogea as compensation.
The very first reunion of Bulgarians from Bessarabia is organized Wednesday in the Sofia "Mladost" district, in the park in front of the municipal administration building.
The historic Bulgarian minority in Moldova is part of the Bulgarian minority in the region of Bessarabia located north of the Danube in Southern Moldova and Southwestern Ukraine, which was formed in the 18th-19th century as large numbers of Bulgarians fled to these closest regions of the Russian Empire because of the Ottoman Turkish atrocities.
Contractor address : Poduyane square Malashevtsi street Bessarabia No 79
The VMRO leader believes that Bulgaria has several demographic "reserves" that it must use, including the historic Bulgarian minority in Bessarabia, a region in today's Moldova and Ukraine.
Mandzhukova, who herself is from the historic Bulgarian minority in Bessarabia (a region in Ukraine and Moldova), stated she had expected help from Diaspora Minister Bozhidar Dimitrov, who actually revealed to her the reasons for her dismissal.
A group of Greek parliamentarians, former ministers accompanied by journalists paid a 2 day visit to Odessa - heart of the historic region of Bessarabia - at the invitation from a local NGO to get acquainted with the current development of Ukraine in light of the country's pro-European course, as well as the situation with the Greek minority in Ukraine.
From praising the sovereign to vehement critiques at his address was only a step; this shift was accomplished in a short period of time and debuted with the territorial losses in the summer of 1940, when Romania lost approximately a third of its territory and a tird of the population: Bessarabia (then occupied by the Soviet Union), North-Western Transylvania with Bukovina (Romanian territory taken by Hungary) and Dobrudja (which, following the Treaty of Craiova, was given to Bulgaria) (Midan, 2008: 284-357).
Early in 1906 our family, consisting of my parents, my two brothers Sam (Shmaika) and Sol (Sholem), and I left Russia from Ackerman, Bessarabia, and eventually arrived in Montreal.
Small parties of parachutists were dropped behind the Finnish lines in the Winter War of November 1939-March 1940, and nine brigades were air-dropped during the more or less peaceful occupation of Bessarabia in 1940.
Strained relations with Russia from the 1880s over the loss of southern Bessarabia ultimately did not trump the pre-eminent drive to acquire Transylvania with its ethnic Romanians, territory in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
This deception was planted in the Romanian idealistic political consciousness by the resolution of the Paris Treaty of 1856, when Moldova received Bessarabia so that the freedom of the Danube Delta would be ensured.