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A region of Moldova and western Ukraine. As the gateway from Russia into the Danube River valley, it was for centuries an invasion route from Asia to Europe. The region became part of Russia in 1812 but declared itself independent in 1918 and later voted for union with Romania, which was forced to cede it to the USSR in 1940.

Bes′sa·ra′bi·an adj. & n.


(Placename) a region in E Europe, mostly in Moldova and Ukraine: long disputed by the Turks and Russians; a province of Romania from 1918 until 1940. Area: about 44 300 sq km (17 100 sq miles)


(ˌbɛs əˈreɪ bi ə)

a region in Moldavia, on the W shore of the Black Sea: formerly part of Romania.
Bes`sa•ra′bi•an, adj., n.
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However, despite an assiduous process of assimilation and denationalization, a significant portion of Bessarabian elites maintained their identity and used the opportunity provided by the Russian Revolution to unite with Moldova's kin state Romania in 1918.
In addition to all that, one of us (HBW) claims to be Bessarabian (now called Moldova) based upon his father's birthplace.
The more proletarian and artisanal backgrounds of Jews from Lithuania and Belorussia rendered them generally less suited to farming than their Ukrainian and Bessarabian coreligionists, some of whom had previous experience as farmers and many as merchants trading agricultural goods.
5) Whereas the story citing the turmoil relayed that "Grave disorders throughout southern Russia" were being recounted by refugees arriving at the Bessarabian frontier, the last of the articles above informed readers that,
The working hypothesis is that when there is a common religious affiliation, it normally is quite strong, even if there are also other elements included for describing cultural identity (ethnicity, language), they are distinct: in the Bessarabian Orthodox Church there are functional models to manage diversity, based on a tradition of cohabitation with other ethnicities.
The poetic proclivity of Moldovan-born Oleg Woolf is everywhere present in his Bessarabian Stamps, a prose work written in a lyrical style, unrestrained in its use of alliteration and allegory (see WLT, Nov.
When they notice Landsman's car, with its reek of plainclothesman hubris and its inflammatory double-S on the grille, they leave off yelling at one another and give Landsman the Bessarabian fish-eye.
The religious community's furious response was to pay Bessarabian regulars of a Rumanian restaurant in Settle Street to attack the anarchists.
On the Slaughter" was the thirty-year-old Odessan Hayim Nahman Bialik's immediate response to the April 1903 pogroms in the Bessarabian town of Kishinev, where some forty-nine Jews were slashed, hacked, and cudgeled to death, or drowned in outhouse feces, and hundreds were wounded over the course of several days.
What these cases seem to suggest is that police chiefs, appointed by the Romanians from among their most trusted civilians (Andrusin's background is particularly striking: as a Bessarabian Moldovan he should have been well known to the Romanian authorities from before the Soviet occupation in 1940), selected those whom they considered their toughest men for executions.
In the next edition of his book (which I am certain will not be long in coming, given that the subject matter is of interest to so many people), oughtn't Andrei Oisteanu to be persuaded to include within the range of Romanian narcotic experiences the Bessarabian phase with the pestle and mortar?
Radu met Caligula's owner, a Bessarabian with the looks of a pirate, a skinhead dressed in a waterproof tracksuit, just like the three compatriots with whom he was in tow.