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 (bĕs′ə-mər), Sir Henry 1813-1898.
British inventor and metallurgist who received more than 100 patents, most notably for the Bessemer process.


(ˈbɛs ə mər)

Sir Henry, 1813–98, English engineer.
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Noun1.Bessemer - British inventor and metallurgist who developed the Bessemer process (1813-1898)Bessemer - British inventor and metallurgist who developed the Bessemer process (1813-1898)


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So, one of the teams wore chain-mail ulsters, and the other wore plate- armor made of my new Bessemer steel.
Just as the click of the reaper means bread, and the purr of the sewing-machine means clothes, and the roar of the Bessemer converter means steel, and the rattle of the press means education, so the ring of the telephone bell has come to mean unity and organization.
Like all time-saving inventions, like the railroad, the reaper, and the Bessemer converter, the telephone, in the last analysis, COSTS NOTHING; IT IS THE LACK OF IT THAT COSTS.
He was taken to the Bessemer furnace, where they made billets of steel--a domelike building, the size of a big theater.
Sir Henry Bessemer is best known for the steelmaking process that is named after him, but he was a prolific inventor who earned a total of 110 patents.
Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) has named Josh Harder to the role of vice president where he will work with BVP's investing partners to identify entrepreneurial opportunities in mobile, telecom, infrastructure and enterprise applications, the company said.
brenda rumley, federal program director for bessemer city schools at 205-432-3004 for additional information or questions.
The dispute between the Gogebic Range Solid Waste Management Authority and the city of Bessemer is headed to court.
This round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from existing investors FLOODGATE Fund, Bullpen Capital and others.
8m) in a Series C financing round led by new investor Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP).
The web site will be an invaluable resource for Hueytown and Bessemer area homeowners and businesses in finding accessible information to address all their storage needs.
rolled out the Bessemer Series of cooling tanks, pullers and cutters at NPE2012 last month in Orlando, Fla.