Bessemer steel

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Bes´se`mer steel`

1.Steel made directly from cast iron, by burning out a portion of the carbon and other impurities that the latter contains, through the agency of a blast of air which is forced through the molten metal; - so called from Sir Henry Bessemer, an English engineer, the inventor of the process.
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Low-cost Bessemer steel replaced iron for railway construction, and by the end of the century, 200,000 miles of railroads crisscrossed the American landscape.
This industrial structure persisted in Britain even after the turn of the century, because there was less demand for Bessemer rails in Britain than in the United States after 1880 and, accordingly, less incentive for British steel-makers to adopt the mass production techniques being pioneered around this time by American Bessemer producers to satisfy their large and growing domestic market for Bessemer steel rails.