Beta Crucis

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Noun1.Beta Crucis - the second brightest star in the Southern CrossBeta Crucis - the second brightest star in the Southern Cross
Crux, Crux Australis, Southern Cross - a small conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere in the Milky Way near Centaurus
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Andrew, who has experience as a game ranger with the stars, described 'the meteor fell directly in line with beta Centauri and traveled through beta Crucis in a SW direction'.
Beta Crucis, also known a Becrux or Mimosa, has a magnitude of 1.
As things quieted down, people could linger longer and some folk got to see a bit extra--pull up a chair and watch the Moon at 300x drifting through the eyepiece, or spy the blood-red carbon star; Espin 365, next to beta Crucis.