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 (bā′tə-lăk′təm, bē′-)
1. A lactam composed of a four-membered ring, formed by intramolecular condensation of an amino acid in which the amino group is located at the beta position, or any compound containing this group.
2. A beta-lactam antibiotic.

[beta, second (in the series of lactam rings, the first being the simplest) + lactam.]
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Request Free Sample Report @ 4 Key Highlights from the Report According to the report, the adoption of beta-lactams tests will be the highest across the global antibiotic residue test kits market.
It also makes antibiotics and provides beta-lactams in the UK and Ireland.
These often include beta-lactams, a class of antibiotics that include penicillin and a host of other structurally related compounds.
The report includes the results of in vitro and preclinical in vivo studies, which demonstrate the ability of ETX2514 to restore antimicrobial activity in combination with multiple beta-lactams against Gram-negative, multi-drug resistant pathogens.
Four of the isolates were multidrug resistant organisms resistant to all fluoroquinolones and beta-lactams. Of the 6 isolates resistant to piperacillin-tazobactam, none of those isolates were susceptible to fluoroquinolones.
Ramsey: The switch from second-line options to beta-lactams saved an estimated $780 per patient and close to $40,000 overall.
MRSA and related resistant bacteria can withstand a group of antibiotics called beta-lactams, which includes penicillin and methicillin.
The susceptibility test was performed by agar disk diffusion method using beta-lactams amoxillin/ clavulanic acid (AMC 20/10[micro][g.sup.-1]), cefotaxime (CTX 30[micro]g), ceftazidime (CAZ 30[micro]g), ceftiofur (CTF 30[micro]g), cefepime (FEP 30[micro]g), aztreonam (ATM 30[micro]g), ertapenem (ETP 10[micro]g) and non-beta-lactams, nalidixic acid (NAL 30[micro]g), ciprofloxacin (CIP 5[micro]g), enrofloxacin (ENR 5[micro]g), tetracycline (TET 30[micro]g), trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (SXT 1.25/23.75[micro]g), chloramphenicol (CHL 30[micro]g) and florfenicol (FFC 30[micro]g).
Austin, TX, August 27, 2015 --( Bioo Scientific's MaxSignal[R] Beta-Lactam ELISA Test Kit has been validated for the screening of a wide range of beta-lactam antibiotics including ampicillin, penicillin G, amoxicillin, azlocillin, piperacillin, nafcillin, cloxacillin, oxacillin, cefoperazone, ceftiofur and other beta-lactams in a number of food matrices.
He cited a retrospective case-control study of 2,096 children with undrained, noncultured skin and soft tissue infections treated empirically on an outpatient basis with beta-lactams, clindamycin, or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole as monotherapy.

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