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v. t.1.To better; to mend. See Beete.
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The article concluded with these lines: "We wanted to know what Daddy Jacques meant by the cry of the Bete Du Bon Dieu.
The Yellow Room, the Bete Du Bon Dieu, Mother Angenoux, the Devil, Sainte-Genevieve, Daddy Jacques,--here is a well entangled crime which the stroke of a pickaxe in the wall may disentangle for us to-morrow.
In answer to his politely sinister, prolonged glance of inquiry, I overheard Dona Rita murmuring, with some confusion and annoyance, "VOUS ETES BETE MON CHER.
Brott is of course the bete noire of our friends here.
Pas si bete, as we used to say in the English circle at Zurich.
He was envious of everyone else's success, and had a peculiar, personal loathing of the impressionists; for he looked upon his own failure as due to the mad fashion which had attracted the public, sale bete, to their works.
I recognized the detested voice of my bete noir, Alick Carruthers, thick as might be expected of the dissipated dog, yet daring to stutter out her name.
Ce travail consiste, selon elle, a assurer un suivi et une tracabilite de toutes les actions menees par les eleveurs ou les veterinaires sur la bete.
Upon reaching Barangay (villaged) West Canayaon here, Cadiz said the passenger asked the bus driver Jojit Bete to pull over.
Bete says PVDF (Kynar) is an incredibly chemically resistant fluoroplastic and has superior heat resistance compared to many other plastics and is offered at significantly lower cost than stainless steel equivalents.
75-inch bete and is available in right- or left-hand draw.
Il a ete surnomme [beaucoup moins que]machimosaurus rex[beaucoup plus grand que] par le paleontologue Federico Fanti, de l'Universite de Bologne en Italie, et par ses collegues, qui ont decouvert la grosse bete.