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 (bĕth′əl, bĕth′ĕl′)
A town of ancient Palestine north of Jerusalem. It is now a major archaeological site.


1. A hallowed or holy place.
a. A chapel for seafarers.
b. Chiefly British A Nonconformist chapel, especially a Baptist or Methodist one.

[Hebrew bêt 'ēl, house of God : bayit, house; see byt in Semitic roots + 'ēl, God; see ʔl in Semitic roots.]


1. (Placename) an ancient town in the West Bank, near Jerusalem: in the Old Testament, the place where the dream of Jacob occurred (Genesis 28:19)
2. (Christian Churches, other) a chapel of any of certain Nonconformist Christian sects
3. (Nautical Terms) a seamen's chapel
[C17: from Hebrew bēth 'Ēl house of God]


(ˈbɛθ əl)

1. a sacred area or sanctuary. Gen. 28:19.
2. a church or hostel for sailors.
[1610–20; < Hebrew bēth 'ēl house of God]


(ˈbɛθ əl, -ɛl, ˌbɛθˈɛl)

a village in W Jordan, near Jerusalem; dream of Jacob. Gen. 28:19.
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Noun1.bethel - a house of worship (especially one for sailors)bethel - a house of worship (especially one for sailors)
house of God, house of prayer, house of worship, place of worship - any building where congregations gather for prayer
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Sunday, March 11, Temple Beth-El, 3610 Dundee Road, Northbrook.
Yet, as a good defense attorney of Jeroboam, Rabbi Green managed to point out many of Jeroboam's positive attributes though I feel that his defense of Jeroboam's calves at Dan and Beth-El was weak.
Gallagher includes prominent works like the Michigan Consolidated Gas Building in downtown Detroit, Temple Beth-El in Bloomfield Township, and landmark buildings on the Wayne State University and College for Creative Studies campuses, as well as smaller medical clinics, office buildings, and private homes (including Yamasaki's own residence).
Levine, who is survived by his wife, three children and four grandchildren will be paid final respects at Temple Beth-El in Providence on May 25.
Next year, Beth-El will lease part of its building to a different charter, Great Hearts Academies.
Doenges (adult psychiatric/mental health nursing, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, U.
Services will be held on December 21, 11:00 am ,Temple Beth-el, 5 Old Mill Road, Great Neck.
Mayor Julian Castro shared a podium with mega church minister Max Lucado and Imam Omar Shakir, sending a united message at Temple Beth-El that this city's Sikh community can count on their loyal friendship.
In contrast, Beth-El Industries has developed a process for sterilization-InPlace (SIP) that is ready for market launch and works using the dry gas, ozone.
Doenges is retired from the faculty of Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, CU-Springs.
Litwin is also a major supporter of Jewish causes and is a major benefactor of the Temple Beth-el in Great Neck, NY.
Rabbi Allan Tufts of Temple Beth-El in Hollywood, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, "Nobody's got a problem with teaching modern Hebrew.