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 (bā′tə), Hans Albrecht 1906-2005.
German-born American physicist who won a 1967 Nobel Prize for his research on energy production in stars. He was also involved in the development of the first atomic bomb.


(Biography) Hans Albrecht (hans ˈalbrɛçt). 1906–2005, US physicist, born in Germany; noted for his research on astrophysics and nuclear physics: Nobel prize for physics 1967


(ˈbeɪ tə)

n. Hans Albrecht,
born 1906, U.S. physicist: Nobel prize 1967.
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Noun1.Bethe - United States physicist (born in Germany) noted for research in astrophysics and nuclear physics (1906-2005)
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and Delores Brasher; aunt, Dixie Long of Eldorado; brother-in-law, Gary Hamilton of Harrisburg; his former wife, Margie; seven stepchildren; cousins, Scott Morse, Amy Richey, Bethe Gibbs, Kelly Long and Cindy Long; and his special friends, Jim Sea and wife, and Ben Brinkley.
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Bethe also uncovers the medieval Japanese literary associations between different colors such as gromwell purple, which was "deep-rooted, enduring, lofty, and glowing," and safflower scarlet, which was fleeting and "bound to fade" (p.
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Bethe (Corneii University) was modestly describing the discovery that would earn him a Nobel Prize in 1967.
He added: "Me and Sam (Allardyce) were theavour of the week before Cardi and whoever won the cup nal was going to bethe avour of this week.
It might bethe only gas engine of its kind known to exist.