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 (bā-tăk′sə-lôl′, -lōl′, bē-)
A beta-blocker drug, C18H29NO3, used in its hydrochloride form to treat hypertension and glaucoma.

[beta + -x-, of unknown origin + -olol, beta blocker suffix (from propanolol).]
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0.25% 5mL (DE) conjunctival suspension Betoptic BC, DE and erythema, itching 0.50% 5mL boric acid (BA), BC and DE 0.25% unit dose Preservative free Carteolol Teoptic Photophobia, Hydrochloride BC anisocoria 1.0%, 2.0% 5mL Levobunolol Levobunolol BC, DE Decreased corneal Hydrochloride Sodium sensitivity.
Four of the five beta-adrenergic blockers have no human eye data: betaxolol (Betoptic), carteolol (Ocupress), levobunolol (Betagan), and metipranolol, but there are two case reports for timolol (Betimol, Istalol, Timoptic, Timoptic-XE) showing no fetal harm in one newborn and growth restriction in the other.
Drug Class How it works Dipivefrin Adrenergics Reduces (Propine); intraocular pressure brimonidine (Alphagan) Apraclonidine Alpha-2 Decreases intraocular fluid (Lopidine) adrenergics production; increases drainage Betaxolol Beta blockers Decreases (Betoptic) intraocular fluid production Brinzolamide Carbonic Decreases anhydrase intraocular (Azopt) inhibitors fluid production Pilocarpine Cholinergics Increases drainage of (Isopto) intraocular fluid Dorzolomide Combination Decreases beta blocker/ intraocular (Cosopt) carbonic fluid anhydrase production inhibitor Travaprost Prostaglandin Increases analogs drainage of (Travatan) intraocular fluid Treatment "Glaucoma is caused by impaired outflow of aqueous humor from the eye," says Dr.
The antiglaucoma beta blockers include betaxolol (Betoptic), carteolol (Ocupress), levobetaxolol (Betaxon), levobunolol (Betagan), metipranolol (Optipranolol) and timolol (Betimol, Timoptic, Istalol).