v. t.1.To trust or intrust.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But most revolutionary of all was Williams' declaration that "the sovereign, original, and foundation of civil power lies in the people," and governments "have no more power, nor for longer time, than the people consenting shall betrust them with." He was probably the first in the world and certainly the first Englishman--or American--to say that, which is hard to imagine since the idea is such a commonplace today.
The first great democratic note struck in the colonies was Roger Williams' The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience, which asserted that the basis of power lies in the people and "that such Governments as are by them erected and established, have no more power, nor for no longer time, than the civill power or people consenting and agreeing shall betrust them with." Considered a dangerous book, it was burned by the public hangman in London.
Earlier roles include CEO of Betrusted and Security Assurance Group, and various senior executive level positions at CyberTrust and the United States Intelligence Community (IC).
In a sermon preached to the House of Commons on February 23, 1641/2, Calamy declared that "every new mercy we receive from God is a new talent, (for mercies are talents, betrusted with us by God as stewards, for which we must give a severe and strict account at the day of Judgement)." (22) He went on to suggest that England, with its current opportunities for reform, had been given "many hundred talents of mercies" in Parliaments safekeeping.
Quotes of the Year feature "Allpushy,abrasive, arrogant,self-admiringandunder nocircumstances to betrusted"Art criticBrianSewell onTVtypes.
I rodeintheraceandthey wentaproperend-to-end gallop,soIthinktheformcan betrusted.Ithoughtitwasa goodperformancebyHigh Jinxandheshould besuitedby further.
The merger of Betrusted, TruSecure and Ubizen in 2004 created Cybertrust, which claims to be the world's largest privately held security company.
Betrusted, a provider of packaged security solutions for large corporations--solutions covering areas like authentication and electronic identification, information integrity and transaction validation and privacy concerns--is expanding around the world, thanks to a $200 million equity infusion from One Equity Partners.
Comodo does not operate a root cert, its SSL certs look back to the old Baltimore Technologies root, now managed by BeTrusted Inc.
The sale to beTRUSTed will lead to employees being transferred to the new owner but is also expected to result in a number of redundancies.
Enterprise IT security consultants TruSecure and BeTrusted have agreed to merge, forming a new company, CyberTrust.
Betrusted Holdings Inc appears to have won the battle for control of managed security services vendor Ubizen BV, although rival bidder Ubidco NV still stands in its way of securing the company.