n.1.A small brass Venetian coin.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Local rod Betso Benson continued his run of good luck on Monday with a pair of ide weighing 5lb 6oz and 5lb 8oz.
See generally JAMES TRAUB, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: THE OUTLANDISH STORY OF WEDTECH 350 (1990) (chronicling the conviction of Stanley Simon, John Mariotta, Mario Biaggi, Bernhard Ehlrich, Peter Neglia, Richard Biaggi, and Ronald Betso); MARILYN W.
If you're planning picnics in the park or by the beach, IKEA offers Sommar cool bags at pounds 3.99, foldable Tranno seats at pounds 2.99, and the portable IKEA PS Betso barbecue at pounds 18.99.
IKEA PS BETSO BARBECUE, pounds 19 BEST FEATURES - Well-priced kettle barbie that's lightweight and compact, which is perfect for days away.
PS Betso portable barbecue, pounds 15, Ikea (0845 355 1141, www.
I think the main thing was that I discovered strength in being a black person and a connection to Africa" (Betso and Koening 248-49).
The authors wish to thank Michael Prue and Christopher Cometa of Black Clawson and Steve Betso, David Mazzei, Tim Pope, and Gina Young of The Dow Chemical Co.
Betso Benson enjoyed his first session of the year at Dissington Pond.
Cooking in the great outdoors can be fun, and IKEA's BETSO globe-shaped barbecue at pounds 30 will be the talk of the neighbourhood with its designer edge.
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