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Noun1.Betula - a genus of trees of the family Betulaceae (such as birches)Betula - a genus of trees of the family Betulaceae (such as birches)
hamamelid dicot genus - genus of mostly woody relatively primitive dicotyledonous flowering plants with flowers often unisexual and often borne in catkins
Betulaceae, birch family, family Betulaceae - monoecious trees and shrubs (including the genera Betula and Alnus and Carpinus and Corylus and Ostrya and Ostryopsis)
birch tree, birch - any betulaceous tree or shrub of the genus Betula having a thin peeling bark
Betula alleghaniensis, Betula leutea, yellow birch - tree of eastern North America with thin lustrous yellow or grey bark
American white birch, Betula cordifolia, Betula papyrifera, canoe birch, paper birch, paperbark birch - small American birch with peeling white bark often worked into e.g. baskets or toy canoes
American gray birch, American grey birch, Betula populifolia, gray birch, grey birch - medium-sized birch of eastern North America having white or pale grey bark and valueless wood; occurs often as a second-growth forest tree
Betula pendula, common birch, European white birch, silver birch - European birch with silvery white peeling bark and markedly drooping branches
Betula pubescens, downy birch, white birch - European birch with dull white to pale brown bark and somewhat drooping hairy branches
Betula nigra, red birch, river birch, black birch - birch of swamps and river bottoms throughout the eastern United States having reddish-brown bark
Betula lenta, black birch, cherry birch, sweet birch - common birch of the eastern United States having spicy brown bark yielding a volatile oil and hard dark wood used for furniture
Betula neoalaskana, Yukon white birch - Alaskan birch with white to pale brown bark
Betula fontinalis, mountain birch, swamp birch, water birch, Western birch, Western paper birch - birch of western United States resembling the paper birch but having brownish bark
American dwarf birch, Betula glandulosa, Newfoundland dwarf birch - small shrub of colder parts of North America and Greenland
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BETULA (BIRCH) The silver birch (Betula pendula) is a complete showstopper, with its striking white bark and diamond-shaped leaves, which turn butter yellow in autumn.
BETULA (BIRCH) THE silver birch (Betula pendula) a complete showstopper, with its striking white bark and diamondshaped leaves which turn yellow in autumn.
In North America, the white-barked beauty is the paper birch, Betula papyrifera.
Kath, York A For a tree, how about a West Himalayan birch (Betula utilis jacquemontii), great for front gardens.
Both morphological and molecular studies have generally recognized two major lineages in Betulaceae either as tribes Betuleae (Alnus and Betula) and Coryleae (Corylus, Ostryopsis, Carpinus, and Ostrya) (Jussieu, 1789; Prantl, 1894; Winkler, 1904; Melchior, 1964; Li & Skvortsov, 1999), or as subfamilies Betuloideae and Coryloideae (Spach, 1841; Regel, 1861, 1868; Koehne, 1893; Rendle, 1925; Rehder, 1940; Hutchinson, 1967, 1973; Dahlgren, 1975, 1980, 1983; Jury, 1978; Takhtajan, 1980; Thome, 1973, 1983; Furlow, 1990; Bousquet et al., 1992; Chen et al., 1999; Forest et al., 2005; Grimm & Renner, 2013).
While paper birch (Betula papyrifera) is the most commonly tapped birch, all birches in the Betula genus will work.
2###Chang###3458'46.48"###7426'46.97"###3300 Northern###Steep and gentle slopes covered with patches of Betula
TREE CHEERS: Three Betula pendula 'Tristis' have arrived.
Longitudinal data from the Betula study, described in detail elsewhere (Nilsson et al.
Saprotrofo sobre Betula alba L., Betula sp., Fagus sp., Nothofagus pumilio y Sorbus aucuparia L.
Radiocarbon dates of 90 tree megafossils from Swedish Lapland, 29 of which had not previously been published, range from 11980 to 1950 cal yr BR During the interval 9500-8500 cal yr BP, mountain birch (Betula pubes cens ssp.