beyond compare

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لا يُضاهى، لا نَظير لَه
her türlü takdirin üstünde


(biˈjond) preposition
1. on the farther side of. My house is just beyond those trees.
2. farther on than (something) in time or place. I cannot plan beyond tomorrow.
3. out of the range, power etc of. beyond help.
4. other than. What is there to say beyond what's already been said?
beyond compare
having no equal. His achievements are beyond compare.
beyond expectation
much more or much better than expected. The plan succeeded beyond all expectations; The hotel was beyond our expectations.
beyond one's means
too expensive(ly). A painting by Picasso is beyond my means; He lives well beyond his means (= he spends more money than he earns).
References in classic literature ?
They were armed with knives and great bludgeons and at their head marched an almost naked woman, beautiful beyond compare. It was La of Opar, High Priestess of the Flaming God, and fifty of her horrid priests searching for the purloiner of the sacred sacrificial knife.
It is my custom, dearling, and hath been since I have first known thee, to proclaim by herald in such camps, townships, or fortalices as I may chance to visit, that my lady-love, being beyond compare the fairest and sweetest in Christendom, I should deem it great honor and kindly condescension if any cavalier would run three courses against me with sharpened lances, should he chance to have a lady whose claim he was willing to advance.
Thus, as the political Pleiad of the day said, the first king in the world was seen descending from his horse with an ardor beyond compare , and on the crown of his hat scrawling bombastic phrases, which M.
"Yes, Bertrade, he was indeed respectful then, but who knows what horrid freak his mind may take, and they do say that he be cruel beyond compare. Again, forget not that thou be Leicester's daughter and Henry's niece; against both of whom the Outlaw of Torn openly swears his hatred and his vengeance.
No, even the dirt couldn't hide that fact; she was beautiful beyond compare.
It was in this mental state that Toog came unexpectedly upon a young she feeding alone in the jungle--a stranger she, lithe and strong and beautiful beyond compare. Toog caught his breath and slunk quickly to one side of the trail where the dense foliage of the tropical underbrush concealed him from Teeka while permitting him to feast his eyes upon her loveliness.
He had a mighty brain, a learning beyond compare, and a heart that knew no fear and no remorse.
The merchant of fine pearls takes many years of assiduous search until he finally finds the pearl beyond compare.
Everybody worked together, including Liverpool and Everton supporters, just helping each other, It doesn't matter where you come from or who you support, the bond is there, There may be better places to live, but the people on Merseyside, are beyond compare, by A.
The cream icing, the flowing flowers - Must have taken Edna hours and hours To create this sculpture beyond compare With so much love and so much care.
"We knew nothing like this was ever done on a festival level before and it needed to be iconic beyond compare.
Bleak hedgerows long since baron burst, to budding greens now Nature's purse bestows her all, her splendour shared, such beauty's way beyond compare.