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Noun1.Bhaga - Hindu god of wealth and love
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Held in the small town of Jhalawar, the Chandra Bhaga Fair welcomes thousands of visitors and participants from across the country, every year.
The festival is of a great religious importance to the local people and many devotees gather at the banks of Chandra Bhaga River to take a holy dip.
Bhavisha Bhaga, who works at the centre, said: "It was very successful.
It was later refined by Bhaga and Weber (1981), who also further divided the spherical cap regime into several regimes, including: oblate ellipsoidal cap, spherical cap with closed/open wake, and skirted with smooth/wavy skirt.
Bhaga and Weber (1981) visualized the vortices behind rising bubbles using hydrogen tracer bubble technique.
The shape and rise dynamics for rising bubbles are obtained from simulation for a wide range of Mo and Re, and are compared with the regime maps of Grace (1973) and Bhaga and Weber (1981).
Single bubble rise in infinite liquid can have different shapes as described by Grace (1973) and Bhaga and Weber (1981).
Both Grace's (1973) and Bhaga and Weber's (1981) regime diagrams are shown in Figure 1, with the locations of the simulated cases marked on both diagrams.
These bubbles are in the spherical cap regimes in Grace's diagram, and are classified as ellipsoidal caps by Bhaga and Weber (1981).
The road construction would also include the building of nearly 250 culverts and four big bridges on several streams and rivers like the Ujh, Bhaga Nullah , Tarnah Nullah and Bei Nullah.