n.1.(Zool.) An Indian monkey (Macacus Rhesus), protected by the Hindus as sacred. See Rhesus.
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The tributaries of Rivers Chenab and Ravi (Bhimber, Bhunder, Palku, Aik, Hasri, Deg, Basantar, Daulti and Bien nullahs), tributaries of River Kabul and hill torrents of D.
The meeting was attended by S/Shri Raju Alias Devappa Anna Shetty, Shri Ram Prasad Sarmah, Shri Ramesh Chander Kaushik, Shri Balwinder Singh Bhunder, Shri Bhupinder Singh all Members of Parliament.
Tenders are invited for Reconstruction Construction of various Pucca Structures on Aspal Drain Srawan Toe Drain including construction of Lift Schemes for villages Bazidpur Kattianwali Jhummianwali Taza Patti Virk Khera Katehra and Gobindgarh Clearing weed jala booti of 8 No drains namely Aspal Drain Bam Drain, Sarawan Toe Drain Sotha Bhunder Link Drain Gilzewala Link Drain Karniwala Link Drain Ratta Tibba Field Drain and Sherewala Link Drain including shifting of alignment of Aspal drain between RD 124986 to 128281
over lisara drain crossing bhunder to ballianwali road in district bathinda including its approaches, road diversion and dismentalling of existing bridge under pmgsy ii, package no pb02 021
37 Mtrs, each effective Over Lissara Drain at RD 329022 with approch and diversion Crossing Link Road Kot Bhara to Ramgarh Bhunder at Km.
Tenders are invited for Construction of Missing Link Road Mandi Kalan to Bhunder, Jethuke to Tappa, Jhanduke to Ballianawali ,Mandi kalan to Modhi Khana and Mandi Kalan Badiala to Dhani Mander singh Falling in Consitutency Maur MC Rampura i.
Tenders are invited for Upgradation of road rampura maur road mdr 42 to bhunder ballianwali nandgarh kotra harkrishanpura gehri bara singha upto bsbk road sh 12 a section gehri bara singha to bsbk road length 3.
from Aspal Drain RD 0-142078, Bam Drain RD 0-68300, Sarawan Toe Drain RD 0-65300, Sotha Bhunder L/Drain RD 0-21000, Gilzewala L/Drain RD 0-17980, Karniwala L/Drain RD 0-7900, Sherewala L/Drain RD 0-16100 and Ratta Tibba Field Drain RD 650-3000
Tenders are invited for Rehabilitation of Bhunder Minor from RD 13291-28446 Slice RD 22837-28446 Left out Work, At the Risk and Cost of Sh Deepak Kumar contractor
Tenders are invited for Rehabilitation of Bhunder Minor from RD 13291-28446 Slice RD 17191-22837 Left out Work At the Risk and Cost of Sh.