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Of, relating to, or involving both the east and west coasts of the United States: bicoastal commuters.


relating to both the east and west coasts of the US: she had a bicoastal upbringing.


(baɪˈkoʊs tl)

occurring on two coasts, esp. on both the E and W coasts of the U.S.
bi•coast′al•ism, n.
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Paul & Amanda are bi-coastal people, having both businesses & residences on both the East Coast & West Coast.
In the small bi-coastal world where Judaism and Buddhism intersect, Fischer is widely read and respected, but not as a guru.
Bi-Coastal Pharma International LLC is a privately owned, generic pharmaceutical marketing company lead by president and chief executive officer Ralph Massa Jr.
It will provide a financial infrastructure, fulfillment centre, and sales and support for Hook and Albert, which will retain its bi-coastal operations from both Los Angeles and New York City.
The PSA, designed and produced in partnership with New York-based Girardville Miners' Cooperative, and bi-coastal production company Bodega, emphasizes the need to support orphaned and abandoned children, as well as the important role of family on the lives of children.
Virgin America offers bi-coastal service with its nonstop flights from the West Coast to New York's John F.
First Republic is a bi-coastal private bank and wealth management firm with USD55 billion in bank assets and USD59 billion in wealth management assets.
McLaughlin's business has been rooted in New York City's downtown luxury market, while his client base is continually broadening toward bi-coastal and international markets.
But more importantly, Clarke provides an insider's glimpse into the connectedness of the bi-coastal African American society--across professional disciplines, economic positions, educational achievement, and religious practices.
Saturday at Valley River Center, main parking lot at Valley River Drive and Valley River Way; certified child passenger safety technicians will help install and check installation of child safety seats; free event sponsored by Eugene police, Valley River Center, KDUK radio and Bi-Coastal Media, Oregon Department of Transportation and Alliance for Community Traffic Safety of Oregon.
Summary: Making her practice bi-coastal, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo Member Jennifer B.
But now he's out in the cold, his initials removed from the agency logo and, in an episode entitled Time Zones he's living a bleak bi-coastal lifestyle between New York and Los Angeles.