a.1.(Chem.) Having two hydrogen atoms which can be replaced by negative atoms or radicals to form salts; - said of bases. See Diacid.
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Part of the PROMOTE range of additives offered through the Provimi brand, Biacid Nucleus is an extension of the Biacid product line, which was designed to promote robust feed efficiency in poultry through improved gut functionality.
A recent trial performed in France in January 2015 demonstrated how Biacid Nucleus surpasses competing essential oil-based and gut health products on the market.
Customers in China clearly understand the benefits of including Biacid Nucleus in their birds' diets -- it's been available in the market for only three months and we've already seen a strong demand and sales volume," said Ladriat.
The Biacid product line, including Biacid Nucleus, is currently available in China and more than 40 countries in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Central America.
Birds fed the Biacid or Enramycin supplemented diets recorded 3 and 5.
No significant differences were detected on either BWG or FI between the control group and those fed Biacid or Enramycin supplemented diets during the different intervals or the entire period.
However, there were minor increases in the relative weight of liver, spleen and thymus of birds fed Galliacid or Biacid supplemented diets compared to those fed the control or Enramycin supplemented diets.
The results showed that the addition of Galliacid or Biacid significantly (p<0.