a.1.(Chem.) Having two hydrogen atoms which can be replaced by negative atoms or radicals to form salts; - said of bases. See Diacid.
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Combined study results from 12 trials demonstrated that birds given Cargills PROMOTE Biacid Nucleus additive, which contains a proprietary mixture of seven carefully selected essential oil compounds, in combination with an antibiotic-free diet, consistently improves body weight gain by 2 percent and feed conversion by 1.
Birds fed the Biacid or Enramycin supplemented diets recorded 3 and 5.
No significant differences were detected on either BWG or FI between the control group and those fed Biacid or Enramycin supplemented diets during the different intervals or the entire period.
However, there were minor increases in the relative weight of liver, spleen and thymus of birds fed Galliacid or Biacid supplemented diets compared to those fed the control or Enramycin supplemented diets.
The results showed that the addition of Galliacid or Biacid significantly (p<0.