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 (bē-ăf′rə, -ä′frə)
A region of southern Nigeria on the Bight of Biafra, an arm of the Gulf of Guinea stretching from the Niger River delta to northern Gabon. It formed a secessionist state from May 1967 to January 1970.

Bi·a′fran adj. & n.


1. (Placename) a region of E Nigeria, formerly a local government region: seceded as an independent republic (1967–70) during the Civil War, but defeated by Nigerian government forces
2. (Placename) Bight of Biafra former name (until 1975) of (the Bight of) Bonny


(biˈɑ frə)

1. a former secessionist state (1967–70) in SE Nigeria, in W Africa. Cap.: Enugu.
2. Bight of, a wide bay in the E part of the Gulf of Guinea off the W coast of Africa.
Bi•a′fran, adj., n.


[bɪˈæfrə] NBiafra f


n (Hist) → Biafra nt
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If given the opportunity, Biafrans are capable of clearing the Sambisa Forest.
John Stremlau, a prominent scholar of the Nigeria-Biafra War, noted that church groups and Biafrans dealt with the Portuguese on a commercial basis.
He told journalists: "The entity known as Indigenous People of Biafra is defined as the remnants of the Biafrans and their descendants who were not consumed in the war"--meaning the 1967-70 war.
Mr Agbola, 38, said a new generation of Biafrans were now peacefully calling for an independent Biafra.
There was a biweekly meeting of the JCA members in which Caritas and WCC leaders reminded the relief representatives of two things: first, of how grateful Biafrans were for the relief supplies they received; and second, of just how urgent the need was for even more supplies.
The Biafrans even bought up double-barreled shotguns from Spanish makers.
Part of the book's chilling quality comes from the almost seamless way people move from thinking of themselves as Nigerians to thinking of themselves as Biafrans. How quickly the word "Nigerian" shifts from self-identity to epithet.
That was done by Nigerians and Biafrans. I agree with his comment about leadership motivating people.
They could be Biafrans in 1968, Sahelians in 1973, or Ethiopians in 1985.
'The leader of IPOB and the organisation might have humanly erred in few ways, but suffice it to say that if the states that should make up Biafra allow this organisation to go down the drain, those fighting and planning to extirpate Biafrans in the present state occupation won't have much to respect or something that scares them not to hatch their dastardly act against Biafrans,' he added.
Sadly, we learn from this book the tragic reality that the Biafrans, not just the Nigerians, missed a number of opportunities to compromise and end the war earlier than they did.
He led a delegation of church leaders to Ottawa asking for help for starving Biafrans but was refused.