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The largest of the Schouten Islands of Indonesia, off the northwest coast of New Guinea. In World War II it was the scene of heavy fighting from May 27 to June 20, 1944.


(Placename) an island in Indonesia, north of New Guinea: the largest of the Schouten Islands. Area: 2455 sq km (948 sq miles)



an island in Indonesia, N of Irian Barat. 948 sq. mi. (2455 sq. km).
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THE SUBJECT NOW UNDER DISCUSSION is Colonel Brownfield and his staff's house which is to be constructed at Biak.
Raiding the Land of the Foreigners: Power, History and Difference in Biak, Irian Jaya, Indonesia".
When entering Biak by ferry he was immediately confronted with a mass demonstration on the waterfront.
Most are from Southern Oregon, a sprinkling are from towns outside Portland, and two are from Eugene: Nielsen, who was an Army Air Corps airplane mechanic on the island of Biak in the Pacific, and Jesse Pollard, now 93, who served as a dentist at West Point.
Biak, Jumada I 8, 1433, Mar 31, 2012, SPA -- The waves in the Pacific Ocean north of Jayapura on Saturday morning reached a height of 2.
In February, Higgins recalled her own family's WWII link to Indonesia when a new hospital wing was inaugurated on the Papuan island of Biak--and named in honor of her grandmother, Margaret Wheeler Mitchell, who lived on Biak for a time as a U.
Indonesia's meteorological agency said the quakes occurred around 120 kilometres southeast of the island of Biak, at a depth of 10 kilometres, and issued a tsunami warning.
Yan Pieter Yarangga, a resident from the town of Biak, said hundreds of people ran out of their homes and fled beaches with some racing for higher ground for fear of a tsunami.
As he writes in one novel, veterans "purchased their right to congregate and debate American foreign policy by sailing off to places like Belleau Wood and Biak Island.
Like the mortars and pestles, the astoundingly large spread of stemmed tools (Figure 10) must be the product of social interaction that operated across a vast area, stretching from Biak Island in the west to Bougainville in the east (a distance of c.
Also, we are enclosing photographs and a DVD which show one Member's experience with your military while in Biak and Manokwari.
Adrianus Kafiar, vice regent of the Biak Numfor Regency, represented the Indonesian government in handing over the cremated remains to a representative of the Japanese government on Papua's Biak Island.